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We are happy to provide the following add-on services to make your stay more like home… or not!  We invite you to create the perfect stay with the perfect add-ons!

If you have any questions about any of our services, or anything else, you can always text us at 1-508-379-3319 or email at info@LightHouse-Retreats.com.


Reiki treatments


Reiki is wonderful for facilitating flow, calming stress & anxiety and balancing the body and mind to make healing more accessible.  Having the body and mind in balance is the first step to whole body health and wellness.  If you want to go a little deeper, we can help you begin to release energetic blockages that might be holding you back from your best life. 

Life & spiritual coaching


Where do you want to go next?  What is holding you back?  Take control of your choices and your life with accountability and joy.  This session will help you take inventory of your life and begin to move it in the direction of your dreams.  All change starts with awareness, couple that with accountability and the real magic begins.

foot reflexology


A full 30 or 60 minute foot reflexology session provided by the Island’s best!

Foot reflexology is a focused, pressure technique directed at the feet. Specifically, pressure points that connect through the meridian points are targeted, thus releasing blockages throughout the entire body.

You can choose to receive this service on the beach or in a private room within the Villa.



Enjoy a full hour massage by our own Brooke Perry.  Pamper every inch of yourself with a renewing, stress-relieving massage while you are here with us.  Trust us, you will not regret it.  

You can choose to receive this service on the beach or in a private room within the Villa.


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