Included Services






In addition to the amazing classes & accommodations, all food and drink are included (even beer & wine), plus round-trip airport transfers (in Aruba) and a thoughtful gift for you! 



All levels can enjoy daily yoga classes tailored to our retreat mission: self-love & self-development.  Our instructors will work with you at your pace and skill level to help you embrace the art of yoga and make it a cornerstone in your personal healing journey.  Maybe even do a little yoga on the beach or in a teepee for a new perspective!



Included in your retreat package are various types of meditations, designed to enhance your self-awareness and bring your body into balance.  Take advantage of our sound healing meditations, moon meditations, or even Shamanic Journeying to broaden your energetic horizons.



We have designed special workshops to enhance your healing here on the Island.  Take as many or as few as you would like to open your awareness to the Universe around you, and to the World within yourself.  Topics include self-reflection, nutrition, fitness, intuition, aromatherapy & crystal therapy, chakras & more.